Youth Behavior Risk Survey: What Do We Really Know About Our Kids?

What do we really know about our students? As part of a grant through the Metrowest Health Care Foundation, all of our students in grades 7-12 complete the Metrowest Adolescent Health Survey every two years. New data from our students on the topics of substance abuse, mental health, bullying, violence, risky behaviors and protective factors was collected just last fall and then presented during this eye-opening presentation by Roger Anderson, WPS Director Wellness & Physical Education; Chip Dapolite, WPS Resource Officer; and Westborough Police Chief Jeff Lourie. Discussion included what we know, what it means, and what we’re doing about it in our schools and our community. Watch or listen to the presentation here.

This workshop was held as part of an educational evening of workshops entitled “Hot Topics for Parents.” This program was sponsored by the Westborough Public Schools, Westborough Youth & Family Services, and Westborough Connects. The evening began with opening remarks in the auditorium followed by breakout workshop sessions. Westborough TV was asked to record the “Youth Behavior Risk Survey: What Do We Really Know About Our Kids?” A more comprehensive version of the survey results was reported to the School Committee at their board meeting on October 16, 2019: click here to watch the full presentation to the School Committee at minute 20:30 of their meeting.

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