WTV Kids Video Camp – More ‘Lympics 2016

We had our second crew of Westborough kids here for a super fun week of video camp. This group created their own Westborough Summer 2016 ‘Lympics video to help us get excited about the upcoming big sporting event of the summer (that has a name we can’t use due to copyright restrictions). In addition to providing coverage of a big tennis match, they gave us a weather report, added in a couple commercials and even an ad for a movie. Once we’d finished up with the ‘Lympics show, the group got right to work on creating even more videos (yes – they were THAT good!) including a promotional video about WTV’s summer video camps and guest-hosting our Weekly Wrap-Up for this week. We loved having this great group of Westborough TV stars with us this week!

The kids learned the basics of “professional” filming and editing through this camp where they worked together to write, shoot, and direct their own show. They had hands-on lessons in-studio, worked on story-boarding and scripting, did some filming with professional cameras, and worked with the teleprompter. This was our 2nd week of campers and we still have 2 more camps to be offered this summer through the Westborough Recreation Department. Give them a call at 508-366-3066 to see if there’s still room and sign your kiddo up! If not, there’s always next summer, or if you let us know you’re interested, we may even offer a couple camps during the school year.

Westborough Video Camp – Week 2 (July 18-21)
Westborough Video Camp – Week 1 (June 27-30)

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