WICKED COOL! Westborough TV360

With this year being the 300th Anniversary of Westborough, Westborough TV is looking for new and exciting ways to capture the events and goings-on in the town.

Westborough TV is proud to announce Westborough TV360. Our new 360 degree camera will be traveling around Westborough to bring a new way of watching concerts, events, and Westborough’s natural beauty.

This new service offered by Westborough TV will kick off with the 300th Anniversary Parade, where it will be riding on top of the Westborough Birthday Cake that has been seen around town. Citizens will be able to watch the parade as if they are riding in it themselves.

Check out some of the clips below to see how Westborough 360 will work!
360 works both on your computer and your phone!
Try it out on the mobile Vimeo App to get a cool experience of flying over Westborough!

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