WHS’s Full Court Press: RecBall Playoff Preview!

All season long, the WHS Lobby-O journalism production team for “Full Court Press” has been following the 16 teams that have played high school Rec Basketball during the 2018-2019 season. Mike Doherty, Matt McCarthy, Will Schiffman and Matt Doherty were in studio this week with their preview of RecBall’s own March Madness tournament that begins Sunday, March 3, 2019. Westborough TV and Full Court Press will be covering the entire tournament, so watch this space over the next few weeks as we make our way toward the Championship game and the All Star game to follow! The Full Court Press production team includes Kathy Stoker’s WHS Journalism students: Alex Badger, Domenic Casparriello, Matt Doherty, Mike Doherty, Quinn Donovan, Eric Gould, Matt McCarthy, Jack McGinn, Ryan Nichols, and Will Schiffman.

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