Westborough TV’s Weekly Wrap Up – September 8, 2017

What’s going on in Westborough?! Only preparation for the biggest parade in Westborough’s 300 year history!!! Join Francisco as he quickly runs down how Westborough TV will be covering all aspects of the Grande Parade including a LIVE broadcast of the historic Westborough 300th Grande Parade this Sunday, Sept 10th starting at 1pm. The parade can be seen online via livestream at westboroughtv.org or on television in Westborough on Verizon Channel 24/Charter Channel 191.

Westborough TV will be broadcasting from the fountain across from Town Hall with our live cameras. We will also be recording the entire event with footage to be shown after the parade, including a view from the “Cake Cam”, our 360 degree camera perched atop the 300th Cake that is leading the parade, allowing people to watch the parade as if they are riding in it themselves. (Check out https://www.facebook.com/westborough300/ for the cake cam!)

Also, commemorative DVD’s and electronic copies of the 300th Grande Parade will be made available after the parade.  Happy birthday, Westborough!

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