Westborough Fitness & Wellness Challenge!

“Hello Westborough!

The Physical Education, Health & Wellness Department has banded together to bring you the Westborough Fitness & Wellness Challenge! In this unique and challenging time, we’ve created an opportunity for the entire Westborough community and K-12 Westborough Public Schools community, and their families, to stay healthy and well together. This challenge will not only help to keep you well, but it will also fulfill your Physical Education requirements regardless of your grade level.

(Visit the Westborough Fitness & Wellness Challenge site.)

Here’s how it works:

In this challenge, for every 10 minutes of exercise you do, you will receive one “mile” credit toward the challenge. Any and all exercises or wellness activities count toward the challenge. From mindfulness to pilates to playing in your backyard to running to a fitness workout, it all counts! For example, if you complete a 30 minute workout in your basement, this counts as 3 “miles” toward the challenge. Each week, all of the Physical Education teachers K-12 will be posting videos and/or hosting live lessons, and putting up other materials to show you ways to stay healthy and well.

What we ask is that each day that you exercise, you fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM. It is very simple and quick to fill out. You just give us your information, how many miles you completed that day, and hit submit. We even have a question in there for family members “miles” each day, (we want all your family members to be healthy, fit, and well too!)

As an added incentive, we have both individual and group goals and milestones built into this challenge. Individually, our website has rewards & messages for you as you complete various milestones. For example, when you have individually completed 25 miles, you can click on a link with a message of congratulations from me, and if you complete 60 miles, we’ve provided a link to a virtual tour of the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield Massachusetts, (which happens to be 60 miles from Westborough.) We will also be tracking and posting the combined total miles for students and families in Westborough to see how far we can all go. We have community milestones of travelling to London (3295 miles), a full trip around the world together (24,901 miles), and even a trip to the moon (238,900 miles)!

Each of our teachers will be sharing an invitation to join the Westborough Fitness & Wellness Challenge (WFWC) this week. And we’ve created a web page that you can find on the Westborough ALD site where everything related to this challenge can be found. We are so excited for you to join us while we are all apart, in coming together to stay healthy & well.

So here it is, in its simplest form:

Track the time you exercise daily. Remember that 10 minutes of exercise = 1 “mile.”
*Any* wellness or fitness activity counts, from yoga to walking the dog to lifting weights!
Follow our progress on the Westborough Fitness & Wellness Challenge web page.
Here is a printable calendar to track your own progress!

Thank YOU for being a part of the Westborough Fitness & Wellness Challenge!”

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