Westborough Folklore: Past & Present with Anthony Vaver

New England is rich with folklore, and Westborough is no exception. Learn about the stories that have been told in Westborough for generations and then share some of your own at “Westborough Folklore: Past and Present.”

Local History Librarian, Anthony Vaver, has gathered together the most popular folktales from the archives of the Westborough Center for History and Culture for audience members to read aloud to each other. The tales involve Native American spirits, eccentric characters, hidden treasure, murder, and even ghosts. Some of the stories date back to before Westborough became a town, while others are from more recent times.

Vaver will also have on hand some historical records relating to the folktales, so that we can decide how much of these stories are true and how much of the stories have been fabricated as they have been passed down over the years.

At the end of the program, we will ask members of the audience to share any odd stories about Westborough that they may have. Do you know any “friends of friends” who have told you stories about what happened during their recent urban explorations around town? Do you have a story to tell about the “incinerator” near the Westborough State Hospital? Has something unusual happened in your house that can’t easily be explained? Come share your stories with your neighbors and maybe in time they will become regular part of Westborough folklore.

Watch the full Presentation here!

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