WCLT Presents – A Few Days in the Galapagos w/ Garry Kessler

Did you miss the zoom call this past Sunday evening? No worries – WTV has you covered! Watch the presentation on our YouTube page by clicking here or watch it below. Please don’t forget to subscribe! You can also tune into Verizon Fios Channel 24 or Charter Spectrum Channel 191. We will be broadcasting this show every Thursday, Friday and Saturday @ 5pm from 2/25/21 through the end of March.

“Situated in the Pacific Ocean some 600 miles from the South American continent, the nineteen Galapagos Islands and the surrounding marine reserve have been called a unique “living museum and showcase of evolution.”

We will explore a small portion of the archipelago, primarily around Santa Cruz, and see many of the unique species that inspired Darwin in 1835.

Travel vicariously through wildlife photographer Garry Kessler’s stunning photos, which he took on his “bucket list” trip there in 2018.”

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