Video: WHS Students Participate in National Walkout Day

Westborough High School students showed their support for the National Walkout Day initiative by gathering around the high school lobby on Wednesday morning, March 14, 2018.  The event included reading the 17 names of the victims from the school shooting in Parkland, FL one month ago, a moment of silence, remarks to help students identify ways to get involved in the national discussion about the topic of school shootings and next steps, and student remarks.  Thanks to the Lobby O students for footage and interviews from this event.

Superintendent Amber Bock, in a message to parents about the event, included the following statement: “Supporting such student civic engagement is a core value of our schools, and we therefore fully support our students who choose to participate in the nationwide walk out as well as those who elect to not participate.”

The message to the School Community from the WHS class presidents read as follows: [Note that the venue was changed to the high school lobby due to the 3/13 snowstorm.]

We know that the events in Parkland, Florida have been weighing heavily on our minds over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School was in no way an isolated tragedy. Our childhoods have been scarred by mass shootings, but this one stands apart in that youth-driven activism has grown out of the grief and sadness. On March 14th, Westborough High School will be joining the national call for action against gun violence and to address mental health by engaging in a walkout in solidarity with the millions of our peers who have decided that enough is enough. At 10 am on this date, all members of our community are invited to leave school for 17 minutes and walk to the turf, where we will hold a moment of silence for those in Florida and beyond who have lost their lives to gun violence. We will also demand our voices be heard by those in power by signing a letter to our Congressional delegation calling for legislative action. This event will also include opportunities to sign a message of support and solidarity for those in Parkland and to register to vote in order to continue this movement beyond this one action of protest.

Those students who choose to not participate in the walkout will be directed to either the cafeteria, library, or tables in the lobby area. We will respect any and all students who decide not to participate.

We hope this event will provide a platform for our peers and community to come together and take a stand to address this complex issue.


Elizabeth Hopkinson, Sr. Class President ‘18
Omar Siddiqui,  Jr. Class President ‘19
Rhea Balasubramanian, So. Class President ‘20
Neil Kale, Fr. Class President ‘21

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  1. Mike Desantis   September 22, 2019 at 11:09 pm

    It’s disheartening to see our public dollars being diverted from education to supporting a political platform


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