Top Growth TV: Stuart Goldblatt, President & COO of Bill Blass

In the latest edition of Top Growth TV, host Deborah Penta takes us on a trip into the glamorous world of fashion and in particular, the exciting revitalization of an iconic and legendary brand, Bill Blass. Deborah is joined by President & Chief Operating Officer Stuart Goldblatt. (And it just so happens he IS related to Westborough’s own Selectman Lydia Goldblatt – her brother!)  Watch the full show here or on Westborough TV Verizon Channel 24 and Charter Channel 191.

A classic American sportswear label, Bill Blass was in its heyday in the 1970’s and 80’s offering beautiful and timeless styles. Its founder and namesake; Bill Blass was admired by some of America’s top fashion designers including Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta. Favored by First Ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Nancy Reagan, as well as celebrities Liza Minnelli and Barbara Walters, it was seen on runways, in the White House, on film screens, on TV and in business board rooms across the country.

After the death of Mr. Blass in 2002, the company was led by numerous fashion industry leaders and slowly overtime, the brand lost its appeal and ultimately folded in 2012.

However four years later – it’s back and making a re-appearance. The board tapped 35-year fashion industry leader Stuart Goldblatt as its President and Chief Operating Officer. Goldblatt achieved tremendous success at both Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Under his direction, Bill Blass is making a big come back and is re-emerging as a fashion player. Deborah interviews Stuart Goldblatt in this edition of PENTA COMMUNICATIONS Top Growth TV.

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