Top 10 Reasons to Attend Town Meeting!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 6.13.59 PMTown Meeting is this Sat., March 12th at 1pm in the WHS auditorium. Town Manager Jim Malloy came by the studio (watch the video here!) for a brief discussion of the not-so-brief warrant, which features 40 articles up for vote by residents who attend the meeting and effectively decide how much money the town will be spending in FY 2017 and, in turn, the impact on taxes. Reading through the Finance Committee Report & Recommendations is a great way to prepare.

We developed our own Top 10 Reasons to Attend Town Meeting (disclaimer: your Top 10 might be different than ours!) and discussed those 10 items with Mr. Malloy.

#10 – We’re about to spend a lot of money!
$94.6M on operating budget, plus add’l articles which if in total are all approved by voters results in a $280 increase (3.4%) on average tax bill.

#9 – This is not your grandfather’s Police Station.  (Or is it?)
Voters will be asked to consider a $15M price tag to renovate the Forbes Admin Building which houses the police Station as well as some Town Depts. and School Administration.

#8 – We need to buy or fix some major stuff.
Various departments have items to be voted on in the capital expenditures article.

#7 – Really, the State Hospital Land Reuse project is moving forward.
We’ve been talking about the land at the old Westborough State Hospital on Lake Chauncy for years and the committee has been working hard to zero in on a plan to bring to residents for a vote. Page withState Hospital Reuse Committee recommendations and information.

#6 – Listen to the wind of (Charter) change.
There are changes to the Town Charter being proposed by the Charter Review Committee in Articles 18, 19 and 20.  Page with Charter Committee recommendations and information.

#5 – We love business!
2 companies in town looking to expand are looking for potential TIF (Tax Increment Financing) agreements.

#4 – If you build it, they will come.
The PreK-Grade 3 School Building Committee is looking for architectural fees to consider school building changes due to additional enrollment from apartment and condo developments.

#3 – The price of gas is coming down…or is it?
Voters will be asked to consider a local fuel tax of 3 cents per gallon to be designated for transportation expenses.

#2 – Town Manager’s Choice: Fireworks for 300th and Bike Trail
Voters will need to decide if they want to fund fireworks for the Town’s 300th Anniversary and whether they’ll support some proposals from the Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

#1 – The wonderful treats made by and sold by the Women’s Club during Town Meeting!
Watch last year’s video clip of Town Meetin’ eatin’.


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