They’re Here: Recball Games Ready to Watch!

They’re finally here! The Westborough Recreation Department’s Recball games (girls and boys grades 3-6) are available to watch. One game from each team is linked below, as well as a promo video!
Watch the promo here!

3rd Grade Boys Hossler (Red) v Peterson (Gold)

3rd Grade Boys Last (White) v Tracey (Blue)

3rd/4th Grade Girls Newmark (Red) v Kopoyan (Gold)

3rd/4th Grade Girls Berthiaume (White) v Kirkland (Blue)

4th Grade Boys Peak (Red) v Cox (Gold)

4th Grade Boys LaCroix (White) v Baer (Blue)

5th Grade Boys Wallace (Car Wash) v Rice (Bistro)

5th Grade Boys Gervais (Arturos) v Lee (Ricardi Designs)

5th Grade Boys Tremblay (WASA) v Friedberg (Smook Architecture)

5th/6th Grade Girls Newmark (Central One) v Grosfelt (Avidia)

5th/6th Grade Girls Clark (Rotary) v Boardman (Training Associates)

6th Grade Boys Calderone (Curry Printing) v Peterson (JP’s)

6th Grade Boys Kandasamy (WHOP) v Loban (Lions Club)

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