Small favor – can you subscribe to WTV’s YouTube channel?

To live stream for free from our Westborough TV mobile devices, our YouTube channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers. We are at 864 subscribers as of 12/21, so we only need…136 more (yup, math skills are sharp!) We sure would love to get to that 1,000 level so when we need to live stream from our mobile devices in 2021, we will be all set! Could you please take just a quick minute to visit our YouTube channel and click the “Subscribe” button?! And maybe share this with others? I know we can get 136 of Westborough’s finest to help us out!

Westborough TV has been hard at work this year trying to bring the community together when “together” has been difficult, if not impossible. One thing we have done *a lot* of is live streaming including sports, gov’t meetings, religious services, car parades, and more. If we can get to 1,000 YouTube subscribers, it will make it easier for us to bring you videos from around town that help educate, entertain and inform our Westborough community. PLEASE and THANK YOU!

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