“Share the W Love” Shows up at WTV!

Westborough TV was so surprised and honored to be the recipient of all sorts of gratitude and appreciation this week as part of the Westborough Public Schools’ “Share the W Love” campaign! We received such nice cards, letters and treats from Gibbons Middle School students, former WTV campers, WAFEA (Westborough Fine Arts Education Assoc.), and others connected with this effort to thank organizations and businesses in town that support our schools. We were so touched – thank you right back!!! 

For those who haven’t heard, here’s what the schools sent out about this campaign: “During the month of February, Westborough Public Schools is sharing the love for the “W” with our community. Our mission is to spread the spirit of generosity by giving back and thanking the companies and organizations that support us. At this time of uncertainty for our local businesses, organizations and individuals, it is our turn to step up and support them. We want these companies and organizations to remain part of our community for many years to come! In collaboration with our parent groups and other organizations like Westborough Connects, each week we will recognize a particular group of businesses. You can show your support through a friendly hello, thank you note, purchase, take out order, social media greeting, or anything else that lets people know that we care about our businesses and organizations. Westborough. The concept is simple and anyone can participate. Look out for the spirit that grows and shows itself across our town in February!

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