Release Well-Being, Breathing New Life into the Nathan Fisher House

A few weeks ago Westborough TV got the chance to get another sneak peek at renovation progress inside the Nathan Fisher House, now home to the new business “Release Well-Being Center.”  Carrie Brown, host of Westborough TV’s “Coffee and…” got to spend some time discussing the renovations and offerings “Release” will bring to town with local owner Linda Townsend.  Take a tour with host Carrie Brown and owner Linda Townsend.

While the tour let’s us get a peek inside, it’s important to note that progress is being made FAST, and even since our being there things have been rapidly moving forward.  Westborough TV hopes to get in again during the early part of December when the new building “Sanctuary” should be close to completion so the business can officially open.  Meanwhile, the older Nathan Fisher House portion of the business will continue to be renovated.  We know many in Westborough will be happy to see this historic home occupied by a local, small business that truly cares about this special Westborough landmark.


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