On the Sidelines – Boston Marathon Runners

Welcome to “On the Sidelines” with your host Paul McGrath! In this episode, we dive into the world of marathon running with our special guests from Westborough and the surrounding area.

Join us as we hear from Elizabeth Gingras Langevin, a dedicated marathoner and dermatologist at UMass Hospital, alongside Chris Tanaka, the esteemed news anchor at WBZ TV in Boston, who shares his passion for running and community. Adding to our lineup is Southborough’s own Lauren Ames, the Athletic Director at St. Marks School, who ran in the Elite division.

Together, they share their experiences, insights, and tips for both novice and seasoned runners alike. Whether you’re a marathon enthusiast or simply curious about the dedication behind the sport, “On the Sidelines” promises an engaging and informative episode you won’t want to miss!

Subscribe and join us as we explore the marathon journey with Elizabeth, Chris, Lauren, and our host Paul McGrath. Get inspired, stay informed, and discover the stories that make sports truly remarkable.

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