Mysterious Mars in 3D!

On Tuesday, June 18th, 2019, The Westborough Public Library presented “Mysterious Mars – in 3D!” with J. Kelly Beatty as part of the adult summer reading program, “A Universe of Stories”. No planet in our solar system is more similar to earth than the Red Planet, Mars. Thanks to spacecraft that have been circling Mars and crawling across its surface for decades, we have learned that this world is now a deeply frozen wasteland. Long ago, it was much warmer, had a dense atmosphere, and had rivers of liquid water flowing across its surface. What happen

ed to Mars? Was life ever present on its surface? What is it like today? Moreover, why is it red? Get the latest scientific findings – and enjoy you-are-there 3D views of its surface – in this informative and entertaining update. To watch the full program, click here.

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