Mill Pond 6th Graders End School Year with Major Projects

Each year, all three of the 6th grade teams at Mill Pond partake in an Interdisciplinary Project that integrates the study of ELA, math, science, and social studies. Using the Massachusetts Frameworks and the National Common Core Standards as the framework for the Interdisciplinary Project, students engaged in a rigorous, engaging, and authentic experience that allowed them to explore a specific topic in-depth while utilizing and synthesizing the many skills they have gained as Mill Pond students. The project design is a little different for each team, although the skills and content taught are the same. Scroll to see clips from all three events below!

Hornets Team – “United Nations (U.N.) Summit” 6/10/2016:

Dragonfly Team – “Bartering Bonanza” 6/14/2016:

Firefly Team – “Africa United Day” 6/15/2016:

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