Mill Pond 6th Grade Team Wonder Business Expo 2023

On June 16th Mill Pond’s 6th Grade Team Wonder Entrepreneurs opened their business doors for one day only. 100% of their profits were donated to Westborough Connects to be earmarked to combat substance abuse in Westborough. The students voted and agreed upon this local charity to Make the World a Better Place. Our journey started in March when students learned about businesses, mission statements, action plans, meetings, decision-making, business emails, advertisements, marketing, customer success, planning, and finally, philanthropy. An added component to the project this year was the Shark Tank. The Shark Tank was a two day event that gathered successful career professionals ( AKA: Moms and Dads.. Even Mrs. Garrett’s) to generate investments for our fledgling entrepreneurs. Kids were tasked with writing and presenting their pitch and products as a company to the SHARKS! The Shark Tank addition was a hit!!! There were so many experts in the field and supportive colleagues along the way that without their help, would not have made this constructivist project possible. Students were asked to not only apply their academic skills, but they were tasked to draw on their critical thinking, problem-solving, listening and speaking, and creativity. Leadership within each company ( business reps) and Make the World a Better Place student managers drove the student entrepreneurs to break a fundraising record of $7,500.00!!! Well Done TEAM WONDER!!!
Watch a recap video here:

See how much money they made here:

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