Looking Back: The 2019 WHS Boys’ Basketball Playoff Run

Westborough High School Senior Domenic Casparriello participated in the Quest program at WHS this Spring, interning here at Westborough TV. He created a documentary commemorating the 2018-19 WHS boys’ basketball team and their historic run for their first District Finals win in 28 years.

Long before their accolades and success, they were just kids with a genuine love for the game. This season, especially for the seniors, was a culmination of all their hard work and sacrifice from the past 10 years, dating all the way back to their first time together on a 3rd grade team. They had experienced it all in those long years together: failure, adversity, struggle, pain, and regret. This season however, they were finally rewarded with an experience that made all the hurt worthwhile: the feeling of being a Champion.

Introducing ‘Champions,’ The Story of the 2018-19 Westborough Boy’s Basketball Team:


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