Letters of Interest Being Accepted for Town Seal Review Committee

“Voters at Westborough’s May 15, 2021 Annual Town Meeting approved an article establishing the creation of a Town Seal Review Committee to be appointed by the Town Moderator. The Committee will consist of 7-9 members. Committee members will include people suited to the charge of the Committee based on their “interest and familiarity with history, design, and civic participation.”

The Committee is charged with the following:
• Reviewing the history of Town Seals in Westborough
• Considering whether or not the Town should adopt a new Town Seal after a public process that shall include consultation with a diverse group of stakeholders • Holding multiple public forums
• Providing a report and recommendation to a future Town Meeting that recommends whether or not the Town should adopt a new Town Seal
• If the recommendation is to adopt a new Town Seal, the report and recommendation will include a proposed process for creating a new Town Seal

People who are interested in serving on the Committee should submit their preferred contact information and a letter of interest that describes:
a) why the person is interested in serving on the Committee,
b) how the person’s background supports their interest and familiarity with history, design, and/or civic participation,
c) a brief description of a group process for gathering public input and sentiment, and d) how a committee can best arrive at a recommendation for a question that may have many differing opinions

Letters can be sent to the Town Seal Review Committee Interest c/o Town Moderator – Town Hall, 34 West Main Street, Westborough, MA 01581, emailed to
Moderator@town.westborough.ma.us, or faxed to 508.366.3099

Letters of interest must be received by June 30, 2021. A review of the letters will begin on July 1, 2021.
Thank you for your interest in the Town Seal Review Committee.
John E. Arnold.
Town Moderator”

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