Krosslink Virtual Meeting – Veg Out

Veg Out @ Nourse Farm offers a chance to connect agriculture, nutrition, food preparation and community from farm to fender! For us, it’s all about the food—its origin, taste, and nutrition. We are proud to be the newest extension of Nourse Farm, an almost 300-year-old family business in Westborough, MA that produces a variety of food for its community. We know that when plants serve as the foundation for food choices, our bodies and our environment benefit. We believe that when you’re better connected to your food, familiar with its origin and cultivation, you’re more inclined to eat it. Also, we recognize that when you eat locally sourced food, it tastes better, contains more nutrients, and supports the local economy. That’s why Veg Out @ Nourse Farm is committed to a plant-forward, locally sourced menu served with a side of nutrition education prepared by thoughtful individuals who care about helping you and our planet. Join Head Veg, Catherine Kling Nourse, as she shares other key ingredients of this season’s recipe for success.

Watch this Krosslink meeting here:

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