Keys to Empowered Parenting: Building Loving Relationships

“Hi friends! My name is Kimberley Bell-I am a Life Coach, Author, and Podcaster-and I want you to come join me for a discussion about Parenting! I hold a deep passion for growing happy people and supporting them as they learn to navigate their lives. Being a mother of 3 adults 28, 26 & 22, trust me, I am on this journey with you!

We are in a new decade, a time that is testing us to have greater self responsibility in ALL of our relationships, and parenting is a key one of these. We now have the opportunity to parent successfully, while building a relationship with our kids that feels more based in love, compassion, and appreciation.

The goal is to grow, joyful, self responsible, and well adjusted humans who can navigate the world successfully. But this is a truly difficult task, and it becomes so easy for us to feel lost with our efforts. Often our exchanges, and decision making can leave us, our spouse and child feeling sad, frustrated, confused, or angry.

However, the old generation of “dictatorship, helicopter parent and hands-off” parenting no longer fits into this new decade. Now, everyone is beginning to understand that what we all want is to feel loved and valued.

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  1. KateG   March 22, 2020 at 1:46 am

    Hi,This article is so useful for me about parenting
    good job and thank you!!!


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