Hot Cross Buns – An Inside Look at the Heart of an Elementary Strings Program

Teachers Judy Gerratt and Valerie Clemans-Castilla are proud to present their recently completed short documentary film, “HOT CROSS BUNS” An Inside Look at the Heart of an Elementary String Program.  Click here to go for a bit of a journey with some delightful and vibrant third grade strings students.

This is a project which began over two years ago when Mrs. CC and Ms. Gerratt were invited to showcase Westborough’s third graders for a film that would give parents, teachers and the Westborough community an opportunity to enter their classrooms and experience their students’ development from the inside out.  They have included segments from each elementary school in the film and it’s a wonderful opportunity to see the districts’ students shine!  Westborough TV is extremely grateful to Ms. Gerratt and Mrs. Clemans-Castilla for sharing this piece with us and our viewers.

“The film builds just like a piece of music would, and when it’s over everyone present is left basking in the joy of the energy that was created in the room….”

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.55.23 PM

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