Gibbons Got Talent (And lots of it!)

As has become tradition the past 11 years, Gibbons Middle School held their annual “Gibbons Got Talent” event on the last day of school Wed, June 21, 2017. 7th and 8th graders were treated to their classmates singing, playing instruments, dancing, and performing in a number of routines that showcased their talents.  It was an impressive and entertaining display in front of an audience of over 700 students, faculty and fans who gathered this year in the school’s gymnasium instead of auditorium due to the ongoing renovation project. Click here to watch the complete Talent Show!

Congratulations to all the brave and talented performers including the top three who won awards:

1st Place – Ani Chong playing “Moonlight Sonata”

2nd Place – Leah Mintz, Isabella Binici, Caroline White, Maddie Richards singing “Lean on Me”

3rd Place – Amanda McCluskey dancing to Hall of Mountain King

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