Fit For Life with Karen McKenzie

Westborough TV is excited to announce that Shrewsbury Media Access has shared a new show with us called Fit For Life with Karen. You might recognize the young, charismatic host – Karen McKenzie. She is also the host of the popular TV show Seniors On the Move.
You can watch the episodes on TV on these channels: Verizon – 24 and Charter – 191
TV Schedule:

You can watch the episodes on your computer, phone or tablet below!
Show 1 – Staying Strong

Show 2 – Moving with Ease

Show 3 – Healthy Hearts

Show 4 – A Balancing Act

Show 5 – Putting It All Together

Show 6 – Strength and Stretch

Show 7 – Standing Strong

Show 8 – Posture Plus

Show 9 – Staying Strong

Show 10 – Keep Moving

Show 11- Getting Started with Weights

Show 12 – The Nutrition Factor

Show 13- Too Much Sitting

Show 14 – Getting Stronger with Bands

Show 15 In Review

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