Faiths In Tune Festival Performances

Central Massachusetts Connections in Faith (CMACIF) held an Interfaith Music Festival at Baystate Commons in Westborough on a beautiful fall Sunday, November 7, 2021. The festival involved musical group performances from a dozen participating faith organizations.

Watch the festival complete with performances below!


Central Massachusetts Connections in Faith came into being out of a desire to bring local people with diverse religious and cultural backgrounds together to help strengthen the connections in our local communities. Connections are strengthened by learning about each others traditions and practices. But what makes CMACIF special is that we want individuals who participate in our events to connect with each other. One of the centerpieces of our many programs is extended time for participants to engage with one another in small group conversations. Truly meeting person to person. So that the next time you are…in the supermarket or the coffee shop you might see someone who’s path you might not otherwise have crossed and pick up a conversation because you met at one of our CMACIF events. Connections in faith provides opportunities to broaden your knowledge of other faith traditions and broaden your community connections at the same time.

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