Entrepreneur Greenhouse – Krosslink.org Program at Library

The Westborough Library regularly hosts “Entrepreneur Greenhouse” meet-ups sponsored by Krosslink.org, some of which include guest speakers and are recorded by Westborough TV and available for viewing below.

Krosslink.org is a volunteer-driven community program created to help develop, nurture, and foster entrepreneurship by connecting aspiring entrepreneurs to local business leaders, mentors and civic leaders who can help them achieve their goals. The program creates a unique link with local libraries that empowers them to evolve their mission into “Entrepreneur Greenhouses.” The result is a vibrant eco-system where individuals looking to build a business can find resources and activities to kick start their plans such as networking events with other business leaders, a collaborative workspace filled with keynote speakers, bar-stool pitch sessions, facilitated meet-up sessions and mentoring by SCORE business experts. For more details on how you can leverage this ecosystem to develop your business, please visit www.krosslink.org.

March 2018 – Featured speaker: Nancy Dube – Are You Ready to Hire Your First Employee?
February 2018 – Featured speaker: Michael Hyde – Building Your First Website
September 2017 – Featured speaker: Pam Sager – Business Contracts 101
June 2017 – Featured speaker: Peter Allen – Writing Your First Business Plan
January 2017 – Featured speakers: Jim Robbins (Town Planner) & Francisco Torres (Economic Dev’t Coordinator) – Starting a Small Business in Westborough
June 2016 – Featured speaker: Becky Bruso – Owner/Founder of The BizPal Company, Content Marketing
April 2016 – Featured speakers: Lori Allen – Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE) and Ales Jug – Business Model Canvas
March 2016 – Featured speaker: Local Companies Sharing their Business Journeys (Yummy Mummy Bakery/Melissa Roiter & Positively Preschool/Thompsons and Amaras)
February 2016 – Featured speaker: Eugene Ivanov – 3 E’s Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs (Collaborative problem-Solving)
January 2016 – Featured speaker: Shamez Kanji, Do’s and Don’t for Entrepreneurs Seeking Venture Capital (also A-Z Databases with Christine Smailys)
November 2015 – Featured speaker: Eugene Ivanov, Crowdsourcing: What it is and What it is not
October 2015 – 1 Year Anniversary! Featured speaker: Linda Townsend, Release Well-Being
September 2015 – Featured speaker: Hugo Amorim, Branding 101
July 2015 – Featured speaker: Venkat Kolluri, CEO of Chitika on “Getting Stuff for Free”
May 2015 – Featured speaker: Joseph Valof, Info on Forming a High-Tech Company
March 2015 – Featured speaker: Barbara Finer, CEO of TechSandBox
February 2015 – Featured speaker: Brian Dingman, IP and Patent Attorney


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