Dr. Gary Hylander – Alice Paul

The Westborough Public Library welcomes back Dr. Gary Hylander for a
history lecture series, “1919@100”. Join us for this three part series,
which begins on Mon. May 6th at 6:30 p.m. and continues on May 13th and
May 20th.

This year marks the centennial of the calendar year 1919. Following the
end of the Great War of 1914-1918, America was rocked by labor unrest
and bombings. A Red Scare swept the nation. What sinister forces were
behind the Black Sox World Series scandal? A fatal influenza epidemic
overwhelmed the resources of the medical community. Women voted, bobbed
their hair and smoked in public. World War I was where the nineteenth
and twentieth centuries parted ways forever. In the 1920 election,
presidential nominee, Warren Harding, campaigned on a return to

Monday, May 13, 2019 @ 6:30 P.M.:


Let’s talk about Alice Paul’s contributions to the suffragette movement.
Party bosses long opposed the idea of women’s suffrage. It was
associated with dangerous political reform and the concern that suddenly
doubling the electorate might result in unwelcome social change as well.
Besides, politics was the work of men, not the concern of women.
Suffragists endured years of public ridicule and were often arrested and
jailed. By the turn of the century however, with increasing numbers of
women engaged in the workplace and especially with their important
contributions in the First World War, women were granted the right to
vote. In August 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment became part of the

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