Class of 2022 Time Capsule – Goin Buggy 2012

Way back in 2012, the class of 2022 performed Goin Buggy either at Armstrong, Fales, or Hastings Elementary Schools. Here at WTV – it is a tradition to embarrass (we mean celebrate) this year’s graduating class! Parents – grab your tissues!
Armstrong Goin Buggy 2012:

Fales Goin Buggy 2012:

Hastings Goin Buggy 2012:

One Response to "Class of 2022 Time Capsule – Goin Buggy 2012"

  1. Donna Kelly   June 4, 2022 at 8:50 am

    So fun! Glad to see you’re pulling from the archives and sharing; always brought tissues when filming


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