Check it Out: Library Building Edition Pt. 1

In what will be a series of updates on where things stand with renovations for the Westborough Public Library, Library Director Maureen Ambrosino and Board of Trustees member Ed Baldwin stopped by the Westborough TV studio earlier this week to discuss the project.  Watch the full episode here or on Westborough TV Verizon Ch. 24 or Charter Ch. 191 during the month of April.

Maureen and Ed touched on why a renovation is needed now (hint: 21st century library, the library being the “hub” of the community, patron surveys showing the public wants a place to come together, infrastructure needing improvement, desire to meet the ongoing needs of town residents, planning for the next 20 years and more).  They also discussed what the funding might look like, as well as a proposed timeline for the project with a high level overview of when things might happen.  The next step in this process is architectural drawings/proposals and Maureen and Ed will be back in studio again once those are in to reveal some of the options that will be considered.  For more information, contact Maureen Ambrosino at the library at or 508-366-3050.

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