MassWildlife: Amphibians & Vernal Pools Need You!

Come the first warm, rainy nights in spring, large numbers of salamanders emerge from their underground burrows and migrate to vernal pools to breed. The elusive Eastern Spadefoot might emerge, if weather and groundwater conditions are just right. Watch the presentation to learn about vernal pool ecology and about ongoing amphibian conservation projects from Matthew Burne […]

Celebrating Arbor Day with WCLT

Mayer Tree donated their services on behalf of the MA Arborist Assoc. to help begin to clear a new trail – “Orchard Swamp” – for the Westborough Community Land Trust. The new trail is being developed along a piece of land that WCLT received from National Grid, stretching from East Main Street to the Haskell […]

Meet The Raptors

Owls, hawks and lots of excited kids at Westborough Community Land Trust’s annual live animal event: Meet The Raptors.  Are you watching WTV? We’ve got something good to watch for everyone! Click here  to watch the full presentation!

Westborough Community Land Trust

Westborough Community Land Trust

The Westborough Community Land Trust (WCLT) is a private, member-supported, nonprofit organization. The trust was established in 1997 to preserve open space in response to increasing development pressures. Their purpose is to safeguard land to meet the environmental, recreational, agricultural, and scenic needs of the Town of Westborough and to preserve open space and the […]