Business Forward Females Lunch February 14, 2023

On February 14th, 2023, the Corridor 9/495 Regional Chamber of Commerce held their monthly meeting. Their guest speaker was Kim Meninger, an executive coach, TEDx speaker and host of the Impostor Syndrome Files podcast. She helped individuals/organizations to understand and embrace the human experience at work to reach their full leadership potential. Kim has coached hundreds of clients and has presented on career advancement and leadership topics to corporate, non-profit and academic audiences. She’s leveraged her psychology degree, MBA and over a decade of experience as a high-tech leader to empower professionals to lead themselves and others more effectively. Kim is especially passionate about helping women and members of other historically marginalized groups to become more confident, visible and influential leaders. Kim has a BA in psychology and an MBA from Boston College. She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and CCE Board Certified Coach with certifications in confidence, career, executive and leadership development coaching. Kim also holds a certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University.
Podcast Version:

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