Bob Brown Sits Down with a Former Lyman School Student

Westborough TV is pleased to share with the public this video that offers the community a unique opportunity to hear directly from a former student at The Lyman School for Boys. Reverend Bob Brown, former Protestant Chaplain (1959-1970) and administrator (1970-1972) of The Lyman School for Boys, recently sat down with a former student of the school, Rodney Horton, who is now 85 and spent time at the Lyman School from 1947-1950. Mr. Horton contacted Westborough TV after coming across a film Westborough TV had released about The Lyman School which was narrated by Mr. Brown. (Watch that video here.) Reverend Brown and Mr. Horton had a fascinating discussion about the school, what happened during Rodney’s time there, and how it changed as the program came to an end.


Be sure to watch the whole conversation and the end, where Rev. Brown talks about what happened in the final years of the Lyman School for Boys and what is happening now in the Commonwealth when it comes to our delinquent youths.

We appreciated Mr. Horton taking his time to come into the Westborough TV studios to let Westborough TV capture this history as he shared his story and perspective on The Lyman School. We had many wonderful conversations with him and are pleased that we can share his remarkable life story with our viewers in Westborough and beyond.

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