BFF Lunch – Jasmine Grace Marino And Her Trafficking Story

On March 10, 2020, author of “The Diary of Jasmine Grace: Trafficked. Recovered. Redeemed,” founder of Bags of Hope Ministries, and human trafficking survivor Jasmine Grace Marino shared her story at the Corridor 9/495 Chamber of Commerce BFF Luncheon.

All it took was the purchase of a $7 drink by an attractive man, and the course of Jasmine Marino’s life was permanently altered.
Twenty years ago, Marino was working at a hair salon in Revere and studying journalism at North Shore Community College in Lynn.
During a night out with friends at the Palace nightclub in Saugus, she met a man through mutual friends, who offered to buy her a drink. She accepted, and within a few months that man became her human trafficker, controlling every aspect of her life and selling her body for his own gain.
As a survivor of domestic sex trafficking and drug addiction, Jasmine shared her own personal story which included being an advocate and abolitionist for human trafficking, and her road to recovery, relapse, and redemption.

Jasmine founded Bags of Hope Ministries to provide bags of care items to the vulnerable women who are living on the streets or are in programs throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire affected by trafficking, prostitution, addiction, and homelessness.

Watch Jasmine Grace’s speech here

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