BFF Lunch: How to Create & Share Your Value Proposition with Robin Golinski 1-15-19

BFF’s January Guest Speaker was: Robin Golinski, Executive Communication Coach, The Speech Improvement Company.

How to Create and Share Your Value Proposition

Presentation of your value proposition matters. Your 60 second elevator
pitch may be the most important presentation and in many more places
than in an elevator. Joining us this month is a professional Speech
Coach who specializes in storytelling, humor and persuasion.

Robin Golinski is an energetic and accomplished executive coach. Her
intuitive and upbeat personality accentuates her insightful and
practical communication skills. She saw early on the power of
storytelling and humor as effective communication tools for influencing
and persuading others. Golinski is co-author on the subject of humor and
storytelling in “The Handbook of Communication Training”, authorized
by the National Communication Association.

She is a former chair of the National Communication Association’s
Training and Development division. In addition, she has been a stand-up
comedienne and sole founder of Boston Comedy Chicks, a large community
of female comics.

View the video here:

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