Bergeron Briefs – Proposed Budget Changes Affect MassHealth

Arthur Bergeron of Mirick O’Connell offers an overview of changes that may be coming related to MassHealth based on Governor Baker’s proposed budget in this month’s episode of Bergeron Briefs. Arthur discusses how these submitted rules (Outside Section 11) would change the way in which MassHealth recovers money from people who have been on MassHealth – people who are age 55 or older and who qualified for MassHealth long term care services because they were in a nursing home or qualified for a lot of services at home because they would otherwise have ended up in a nursing home.  The recovery rules that would take effect are very significant and would apply to everyone who applies to MassHealth beginning on July 1st.  In this episode, Arthur encourages his viewers to communicate with their legislators and elder law attorneys since these proposals could have widespread effects and viewers may need to change their elder care planning documents accordingly.

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