Against All Odds: Joanne Susi’s Battle to Live and Her Road to Recovery

Joanne Susi was the keynote speaker recently at the BIA-MA (Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts’) 35th Annual Brain Injury Conference. Watch Joanne’s presentation here. Joanne discussed her incredible battle to survive after two strokes and her road to recovery as a brain injury survivor. Her road to recovery was against all odds, surviving two strokes, breast cancer, two mastectomies, and the use of a pacemaker. Joanne knew her life would never be the same as she knew it, and that made her realize that “Experience is the best teacher; you can learn from textbooks and gain knowledge from others, but only with experience do you know something fully.”

Joanne was determined to put her life back together. She remarks, “I am fully committed to my life purpose everyday. My desire is to share in a bigger way.” Joanne has devoted her life to being a certified life coach, an entrepreneur, author, teacher, and workshop facilitator. Joanne is a support group leader at the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts Walpole support group, and as an Ambassador speaker.

There were over 800 in attendance at the 35th Annual Brain Injury Conference with 53 exhibitors, and 29 content-rich workshops on a wide variety of brain injury topics. BIA-MA can be reached at

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  1. Karen McKenzie   April 16, 2016 at 8:24 am

    Excellent. varied, informative, and well-organized.Karen McKenzie, Host: Seniors on the Move.


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