A Look at the Charm Bracelet Trails of Westborough

Don Burn of the WCLT (Westborough Community Land Trust) recently gave a talk at the Westborough Public Library about the hiking trails in Westborough he helped establish known as the “Charm Bracelet”.  Watch the full presentation here.

The Charm Bracelet is a planned network of trails throughout the town consisting of three major pieces: 1) a roughly 28-mile loop trail around the community that connects most of the major open space areas within the town, 2) a network of side trails to interconnect every open space, recreation area, school, and neighborhood, and 3) a set of trails to link Westborough to all the surrounding communities.  Work on the Charm Bracelet has been ongoing since the year 2000 through the efforts of the Westborough Community Land Trust and the Town of Westborough Open Space Preservation Committee . Through the use of existing trails in town and the construction of extensive new trails, a significant portion of the work has been completed.

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