2018 Good Scout Award Ceremony

Westborough TV was there to capture a very special ceremony this past month when both the 2018 Good Scout Award, and, for the first time here in Westborough, the 2018 Lady Baden-Powell Award were given to two very active longtime residents: Al Gordon and Judith Wilchynski. Watch the full ceremony here!

Westborough Good Scout Award Recipient: Al Gordon, Westborough Chief of Police, retired.

The Good Scout Award is bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated integrity and genuine concern for others in both their professional and personal lives.

The recipients need not have been Scouts but must carry the “Spirit of Scouting” into their adult lives.  They are people who have been unselfish in their service to others on an individual and community basis.  They seek no return for their service other than the satisfaction of aiding their fellow citizens, their community, and their nation.

The Good Scouts are people who truly capture the respect and imagination of our youth.

Westborough Lady Baden-Powell Award Recipient: Judy Wilchynski, Family, Girl Scout, Mentor, Advocate, Volunteer

The Lady Baden-Powell Good Scout Award is presented to distinguished women who have had a significant impact on Westborough area youth through service to others, community leadership, and personal example. Through their dedication and commitment, they enrich the lives of our young people and strengthen our community. The Mayflower Council, BSA is honored to present this award for the first time in 2018.

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