WTV Video Camp – ‘Lympics 2016

A bunch of Westborough kids enjoyed a fun week of video camp leaving us with their own Westborough Summer 2016 ‘Lympics video to get us excited about the upcoming big sporting event of the summer (that has a name we can’t use due to copyright restrictions). The kids learned the basics of “professional” filming and editing through this camp where they worked together to write, shoot, and direct their own show. They had hands-on lessons in-studio, worked on story-boarding and scripting, did some filming with professional cameras, and worked with the teleprompter. The camp will be offered 2 other times this summer through the Westborough Recreation Department. Thanks to our first group of campers who did a phenomenal job this week!


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  1. Nanette Bready   July 2, 2016 at 8:18 am

    OMGOODNESS! This is priceless! Great job everyone !


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