Worcester’s Role in the American Revolution – 3/7/22

The Westborough Historical Society Presents: Worcester’s Role in the American Revolution: March 7, 2022
Many students learned in elementary school that the American Revolution began in April 1775 at Lexington and Concord. There are others, however, who believe with good reason that the Revolution actually began the previous autumn in Worcester. Like every town in Massachusetts, Worcester had a Committee of Correspondence that led opposition to the British, but Worcester also had a radical group (the American Political Society) that pushed for Independence.

Robert Stacy, Site Manager for Worcester’s Salisbury Mansion, described some of the sites associated with the beginnings of the American Revolution in Worcester, including the homes of Stephen Salisbury and Isaiah Thomas, the Court House that the Worcester militias closed, and the taverns where the Patriots and Tories gathered. Watch this presentation here!

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