WHS Lobby O 2019 Senior Salute Video

The seniors in Kathy Stoker’s Journalism 3 class at Westborough High School produced this video reflecting back on their years in Journalism and working on the WHS Lobby Observer. Credits go to Will Schiffman, Matt McCarthy, Quinn Donovan, Ryan Nichols, Matt Doherty, and Mike Doherty for working on this project with Westborough TV in their final weeks of high school. Watch the video here: WHS Lobby Observer 2019 Senior Salute Video.

Over the past few years, Karen Henderson and Kathy Stoker have formed a strong school to studio relationship between Westborough High School and Westborough TV. WHS students taking journalism regularly come down to the WTV studio to gain experience in anchoring, recording and editing videos that are used in the school’s online newspaper, The Lobby Observer (www.lobbyobserver.org). Westborough TV wishes good luck to all the Class of 2019 Journalism students!

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