Westborough TV Status

Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency due to the spread of COVID-19. In order to be as vigilant as possible, Westborough TV employees will continue to work, but we have decided to close the office and studio to the public, effective immediately.

WTV will coordinate with town officials to ensure we are keeping the public informed, as we realize communication and information in this uncertain time is critical. This will include LIVE broadcast of board meetings, linking to any audio files for public phone conference calls held by boards or committees, etc. We will also archive these meetings so they are available for watching at a later time. Stay posted at www.westboroughtv.org. As a reminder, Westborough TV’s government channels are Verizon 28 and Charter 192.

Our staff will continue working and be available via email (khenderson@westboroughtv.org, jpoole@westboroughtv.org, aidan@westboroughtv.org). We will be posting updates as needed on our website (westboroughtv.org), our Facebook site, and by e-mail.

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