Vintage Footage – 275th Footage (Westborough)

Thanks to Billy Mickel, who served as Committee Chair of the 275th Anniversary Committee for the Town of Westborough, we have some footage to share with residents from 1992 when the town celebrated its 275th birthday. The audio is a little tough – probably both from the capabilities of production at that time and from the VHS tape itself not holding up well.  It is still interesting to see, especially if you were there or know people who were there, or just to see a little of Westborough from 25 years ago!  The film consists of 3 parts – 1) the parade down Main Street, 2) a 275th Anniversary Update show that includes an interview with committee members and was filmed by Westborough Cable Access TV (our former selves!) and 3) the town field day that was held at Gibbons.  Watch the full length 275th celebration online here!

If anyone has additional footage from the 275th, we’d love to see it – give us a call and let us know 508-898-3203.

This and other historical pieces will be playing on Sundays during the coming year on Westborough TV.  Tune in to Westborough TV Verizon Channel 24 and Charter channel 191.

Also, if you are interested to see footage from the Westborough 250th Anniversary, check it out here!

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