Throwback for WHS Class of 2019 – Goin’ Buggy from 2nd Grade!

On the eve of their last day of high school, Westborough TV always does a shout out to this year’s WHS Seniors (and parents) with a glimpse back in time to 10 years ago(!) when they were just in 2nd grade performing Going Buggy. We looked through them all and recognize a lot of faces – can you find yourself in there?! So cute and so little! Enjoy! (BTW, Westborough TV will be filming graduation on Sat June 1 – streaming it out LIVE online and recording it so you’ll be able to watch it afterwards!)

Armstrong Goin’ Buggy 2009

Fales Goin’ Buggy 2009

Hastings Goin’ Buggy 2009

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