The Innovation Award goes to – Kopin Corporation!

The Westborough Economic Development Committee has recognized Kopin with the Innovation award. The Innovation Award recognizes a Westborough business that is pioneering the future for their industry. Founded in 1985 by engineers from MIT’s Electronic Materials Group, the Kopin Corporation has been in town for approximately 30 years!

Located on North Drive, Kopin occupies 77,500 sq. ft. across two buildings: 74,000 sq. ft. at 125 North Drive, and 3,500 sq. ft. at 75 North Drive. Kopin employs 190 people worldwide with 147 in the US. Kopin’s products have transformed the way people see, hear, and communicate for decades. Kopin has developed and commercialized innovative technologies such as the transistors that power your cellphones and micro-displays that are used in many consumer electronics. Today, the business is focused on providing critical components and systems for wearable computing systems for consumer, military, business, and industrial uses. Congratulations to Kopin Corporation as this year’s “Innovation Award” recipient.”
Watch their award video here.

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