The Highland Woods Project – LIVE at Tatnuck

The Highland Woods Project is an acoustic trio harmonizing songs that everyone likes, features three former Bose Corporation employees: Ed Aucoin, Paul Fidlin, and Kris Swanson.

Upon retiring, they discovered each other’s love of music and quickly found that making music together for others was a whole lot of fun. With Paul recently joining Ed and Kris, it now enables them to perform songs they love in rich three-part harmonies.

Some of the artists they cover include: Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, Kenny Loggins, and The Eagles. The trio enjoy audience engagement and sing-a-longs are definitely encouraged!

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  1. Barbara Malloy   June 4, 2024 at 7:02 am

    Thanks Ed, Paul and Kris for this concert, makes me feel like all will be good in my world. Great listening, relaxing. The music/singing hit many personal feelings. Always interesting hearing the history of the music. The Highland Woods Project trio offers more than music, you offer happiness. Your love of music was evident throughout this concert. Thanks again!
    Let the circle be unbroken….
    (Do you have a concert schedule that the general public could attend?)


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