Shir Joy Chorus -“Together We Sing” Winter Concert

Shir Joy Chorus presented its Winter Concert, “Together We Sing!” on Sunday, February 9, 2020 at Congregation B’nai Shalom. In light of recent hate crimes, this concert of Jewish music seeks to foster understanding and to bring the community together through song. Selections included rounds and part songs from ancient times to the present in Hebrew and English, and included instrumental soloists on violin, cello, and clarinet, as well as piano accompaniment by Lisa Marcus-Jones. Featured numbers included “Pray With My Feet,” based on the words of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr., and “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor,” based on Irving Berlin’s song from Emma Lazarus’s poem, woven in with Berlin’s “God Bless America.”

Watch the full concert here

Watch the music clip, “Adonai, Adonai” here

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