Seniors On The Move

 Seniors On The Move host:  Karen McKenzie

    Karen McKenzie is one of the country’s first Senior Fitness Specialists. Karen’s long running, award-winning profile talk show, Seniors on the Move, features experts on aging and strives to provide up-to-date information for baby-boomers and seniors. Karen’s holistic approach will enable an aging population to make intelligent, informed choices, take control of their lives, and make aging a more positive experience.


Times:   Mon, Wed, Fri – 9:00 AM
Tue, Thurs – 9:30 PM
Sat & Sun 2:30 PM


Click on any show listed below for instant viewing online.

Now you can view Westborough TV shows (recorded after January 10, 2014) on any device including iPad, iPhone and Android. For older shows you will need windows media player.


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